Reference Projects (2)

Environmental Protection in Industry, Industrial Audits

Ecuador: Audit of the cut flower enterprise AGROFLORA in the field of environmental production, pesticide- and waste management, Tabacunda, Quito; Blütenpracht GmbH, Köln

Bulgaria: Evaluation of contaminated industrial sites within the privatization process of industrial companies, Privatization Agency, Sofia; GTZ Eschborn

Tunisia: Consultancies in the field of integrated technical measures and development of an evaluation plan for consideration of involvement of these measures in the Industrial De-Pollution Fund (FODEP), Tunis; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Tunisia: Pre-audit on environmental impacts of Tunisian enterprises (sector: leather, leather finishing, chemistry) for introduction of the environmental management system ISO 14.001, Tunis, Nabeul, Monastir, Sousse, Sfax; GTZ Eschborn

Egypt: Preparation of inception report on 'Industrial Audits and Feasibility Studies' and final report in the "Abu Qir Environmental Hot Spot Project"; RBO EEAA, Alexandria/Cairo; World Bank, Washington

Environmental Financing and Credit Funds (Industrial Environmental Protection)

Vietnam: Pre-appraisal mission and fact finding for introduction of a credit line for the Ho Chi Minh City Finance and Investment State Owned Company (HFIC); Preparation of appendix concerning Environmental and Social Impact and Climate Assessment, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Morocco: Industrial De-Pollution Fund: Development of technical terms of reference, revision of eligibility criteria and evaluation of dossiers for allocation of credits and loans, Ministry of Environment of Morocco, Rabat; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Philippines: Fact-finding mission for the introduction of a credit line for energy efficiency and climate protection in the Philippines, Manila, Land Bank of the Philippines; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Mexico: Preparatory and project preparation missions for the introduction of an Industrial De-Pollution Fund; San Salvador, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Mexico DC; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Turkey: Industrial environmental credit line: Proposals for the re-definition of the international consultant's tasks; Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa; TSKB, Istanbul; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Project Evaluations and Monitoring

Kenya: Appraisal mission to evaluate financing of geothermal field development for the Bogoria — Silali Block I (environmental and social issues) as well as progress control mission to evaluate the implementation of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Olkaria I/IV geothermal field, Nairobi, Naivasha, Bogoria; KFW Development Bank, Frankfurt

India: Evaluation of the GTZ project: "Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)", New Delhi, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Bonn

Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala: Evaluation of impact monitoring instruments in the German technical and financial cooperation, Mexico City, San Salvador, Managua, Guatemala City; Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Bonn/Berlin

Thailand: Pre-evaluation over the total running period of 6.5 years for the project: Thai — German Plant Protection Project at the Department of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture), Bangkok; GTZ Eschborn

Indonesia: Backstopping and preparation of the inception report in the Ex-Post evaluation of the GTZ —Area Development Project, ADP — in West Pasaman/Indonesia, Jakarta; Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ, Bonn)

Tunisia: Technical evaluation of environmental industrial investments in Tunisian industries in the framework of the 10-year (1995 — 2005) evaluation of the Industrial De-Pollution Fund (FODEP I-III), Tunis, Nabeul, Bizerte, Sousse; ANPE Tunis, KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Surinam, Trinidad: Monitoring of investments in the "Integrated Development Program for the Caribbean Rum Sector" to enhance the environmental conditions and the modernization of distilleries (industrial wastewater treatment, distillery up-grade, bio-energy); Delegation of the EU in Barbados; European Commission, Brussels

Laboratory Consultation and Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA)

Algeria: Laboratory consultation on wastewater: Analysis of nitrogen and phosphorous compounds as well as TOC in wastewater Project: Regional Environmental Laboratory, Algiers; GTZ, Eschborn

Pakistan: Reorganization of a drinking water laboratory, drinking water monitoring and laboratory financial planning, Peshawar; GTZ, Eschborn

Brazil/Mexico: Head of the interamerican workshop "Analytical Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Metals in Latin America" (10 participating states) and preparation of an interamerican "round robin" in the field of quality control; Rio de Janeiro; GTZ, Eschborn; OPS/ECO, Mexico-City

Seminar in the field of chemical analyses of water and soil in the project "Contaminated soils and water" with participants from Benin, Cameroon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Madagascar and Togo, Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, Berlin

Thailand: Laboratory consultation in the field of laboratory accreditation, analytical quality assurance and water sampling in the project TG - PPP; Bangkok; GTZ, Eschborn

Namibia: Laboratory consultation for Gammams water laboratory of the City of Windhoek (team leader: chemical analyses, quality assurance, laboratory management), Windhoek; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Georgia: Expert in the field of laboratory consulting, laboratory organization and on-the-job training in the project: Introduction of a wine quality system in Georgia, Ministry of Agriculture, Tbilisi; GTZ, Eschborn

Afghanistan: Fact finding missions for the equipping and implementation of drinking water quality laboratories in the cities of Kabul, Herat and Mazar i Sharif; GTZ Eschborn

Agriculture and Plant Protection Consultation

Thailand: Consultant in the fields of registration of pesticides, chemical analyses of pesticide residues and waste disposal in the project: "Policy Reform, Regulatory and Supportive Measures for the Environmentally Sound Use of Pesticides"; Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture), Bangkok; GTZ, Eschborn

Colombia: Consultant in the fields of pesticide management and resource protection in the production of cut flowers, Sabana de Bogotá and Rio Negro, Bogotá/Medellin; Eco-Flor, various flower producers

Slovenia: Consultancy for the Ministry of Agriculture in the "Slovenia Irrigation Project" (agricultural sector overview), Ljubljana; World Bank, Washington

Indonesia (Bali): Consultancy in the field of pesticide application, Faculty of Plant Protection, University of Udayana, Denpasar, Bali; University of Udayana

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