Reference Projects (1)

Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA), Environmental Management

Pakistan: Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for additional water supply (dams), wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, drainage and flood control in the "Quetta Water Supply and Environmental Improvement Project", Quetta; Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila, Philippines

Haiti: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on wastewater treatment plants, solid waste disposal sites and drainage in six provincial cities, Port-au-Prince, Ministry of Public Works; Interamerican Development Bank (IADB), Washington

Uzbekistan: Environmental Impact Assessment on the Uzbek transport corridor Tashkent — Fergana (railway, road) for transportation of crude oil and oil products, Tashkent, Fergana; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Oman: Environmental Impact Study on a new municipal solid waste disposal site for the Muscat region; Fichtner Stuttgart; Muscat Municipality

Macedonia: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the opening of the open pit coal mine in Bitola; ELEM, Skopje; KfW IPEX-Bank

Benin: Evaluation of environmental and social impacts resulting from the construction of a 310 km transmission line (161 kV) in Benin in the project "Extension of the net infrastructure in Benin in the context of the West African Power Pools (WAPP)"; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Tunisia: Preparation of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study (ESIA) for the construction of common wastewater treatment plants in six industrial zones; ONAS, Tunis; KFW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Serbia: Environmental Due Diligence Mission concerning the project: "Change of the ash transport in the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A", Preparation of a detailed Environmental and Social Impact and Climate Assessment, Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), Belgrade/Obrenovac; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Water Quality, Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment

Lesotho: Preparation of legal-binding national standards and directives on drinking water quality and industrial wastewater from indirect discharge to public sewers, Department of Water Affairs Maseru; World Bank, Washington

Morocco: Evaluation of technical dossiers for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant for the Société Raffineries Sucreries du Tadla (SUTA); KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Algeria: Consultation in the field of "water quality" in the project: Support of the National Drinking Water and Wastewater Authority A.G.E.P. Phase 1a and 1b, Algiers, GTZ, Eschborn

Indonesia: Consultant in the project: Drinking water quality surveillance Yogyakarta and Bali, Jakarta; GTZ, Eschborn

Rwanda: Development of a national strategy for the protection of drinking water in the project GTZ/DEA: "Consultancies for the Department of water and sanitation/MINITRAP", Kigali; GTZ, Eschborn

Namibia: Investigation of effects of industrial effluents on the wastewater treatment facilities and the water reclamation plant of the City of Windhoek; Preparation of an industrial inventory; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Jordan: Evaluation of treated wastewater quality for reuse in irrigated agriculture in the Jordan valley, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Amman/Irbid; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Cambodia: Feasibility study to introduce decentralised wastewater treatment systems (DEWATS) in the country; BORDA, Bremen

Waste Management, Waste Treatment and Disposal; Contaminated Sites

Vietnam: Preparation of a Regulation on Solid Waste Management for the City of Bac Ninh and Bac Ninh Province and presentation of the regulation to the Bac Ninh People's Committee, Bac Ninh City and the Departments of Environment and Construction, Hanoi/Bac Ninh City; GIZ Eschborn

Ecuador: Consultancy in the field of cut flower production for the districts of Pedro Moncayo and Cayambe (environmental impact, solid and liquid waste); AME, Quito; GTZ, Eschborn

Tunisia: Census on the generation of industrial hazardous waste and its final disposal; Grand Tunis, Bizerte, El Kèf, Sousse, Monastir, Gabès; ANPE, Tunis; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Thailand: Strategy for reduction of liquid waste (solvents) and disposal of pesticides and liquid waste generated by the Thai Pesticide Registration Authority (DOA/ATSD), Bangkok; GTZ, Eschborn

Sri Lanka: Consultation in the field of collection, transport and disposal of health care waste and development of a health care waste management plan for the Jaffna Teaching Hospital in the framework of the 'Groundwater Protection Project', Jaffna/Colombo; GTZ, Eschborn

Russian Federation: Conception and implementation of training course for Russian high school lecturers and university professors in the field of "Rehabilitation of contaminated sites"; EU Commission, Brussels

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Preparation of 21 sustainability analyses for purchase of carbon certificates for renewable energy and energy efficient projects using the KfW climate fund (wind power, hydro power, biomass power plants, landfill gas recovery, traffic system change) in India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, China; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

Thailand: Consultant in the field of water management and energy efficiency in northern Thailand's saa paper industries, Bangkok, Nan, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai; GTZ Eschborn

Belize: Consultation for the distillery Traveller's Ltd. in the field of biogas production generated from distillery wastewater in the programme "Integrated Development Program for the Caribbean Rum Sector", Belmopan; EU Delegation, Barbados, European Commission, Brussels

Jamaica: Consultation for the distillery John Wray & Nephew in the field of biogas production generated from distillery wastewater in the programme "Integrated Development Program for the Caribbean Rum Sector", Kingston; EU Delegation, Barbados, European Commission, Brussels

Philippines: Fact-finding mission for the introduction of a credit line for energy efficiency and climate protection in the Philippines, Manila, Land Bank of the Philippines; KfW Development Bank, Frankfurt

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